Monday, April 30, 2007

Add Jose Valentin to the list, John Maine top 50 pitcher WICKMAN TO DL

Jose Valentin has now been placed on the 15 day DL with a partial tear in his ACL. Rotoworld says he is expected to miss 2-4 weeks. He now join Orlando Hernandez on the DL and is the age kicking in already?

During the off-season the Mets were faced with these two 37+ year olds, and they had to make a decision. That choice? Jose Valentin 1 year 3.8 million dollar deal. Orlando Hernandez 2 years 12 million dollars.

With 2B Adam Kennedy, Mark Loretta, Marcus Giles, and more in FA the Mets decided to stay with Valentin for a 1 year commitment.

The starting pitching market was way over priced and El Duque at 6 million for this year was a good deal, though I didn't see the point in giving him 2 years as he will be 65 years old at the end of his contract.

If somebody's going to get hurt it might as well be now and not at the end of the season but with all the age on this team you have to wonder who's next?

Now 2B Ruben Gotay has been placed on the 40 man roster and will take Valentin's spot, and it seems the Mets have lost all faith in Anderson Hernandez who was already on the 40 man roster. Gotay was obtained in the Jeff Keppinger trade to the Royals.

JOHN MAINE A TOP 50 PITCHER doing their top 110 starting pitchers in the MLB have ranked John Maine at #37. Here's what they had to say about Maine.

When Maine was coming up through the Orioles farm system, it looked like he had a chance of making it as a fourth or fifth starter despite being rather hittable. Well, the league is batting all of .203 against him 116 1/3 innings since he arrived in New York in the Kris Benson deal. In 2007, his average against stands at 169. There's no way he can maintain that for a full season, but since he's in a pitcher's park and he has perhaps the NL's best offense supporting him, it's time to take him seriously as a top-50 pitcher."

~Look at it inside the lines pitchers park, best offense, good pitcher = Cy Young?!!


"Braves placed RHP Bob Wickman went on the disabled list with an upper back strain.

Pitching through pain may be admirable, but if Wickman had been up front about his troubles, there's a good chance the Braves would be 17-6 right now instead of 15-8. Wickman was awful in three straight appearances, blowing saves twice. The Braves didn't announce a closer in his place, but Mike Gonzalez figures to get more opportunities that Rafael Soriano."

~Tubbs 2008

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