Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Very Bad Game

unacceptable loss last night to the Nationals. These are the games you have to win, you're facing the worst team in the National League against a pitcher who had a 7+ ERA and has no OUT PITCH. There wasn't just one person to blame the game on it was a team effort in losing. Leaving runners in scoring position over and over again it's just embarrassing that a team like the Mets continues to struggle against these bottom feeders.

Oliver Perez had a ruff start but regained his composure after giving up a 3 run homerun to Austin Kearns in the first inning. Perez threw 7 great innings giving up 4 ER and striking out 9. But unluckily for Perez the Mets had to face the "GREAT" Matt Chico and could only get 2 runs off of him. Willie Randolph was not wrong (for once) for leaving Perez in the game to bat in the 6th inning. Bases loaded 1 out with the 9th hitter up if you pinch hit Franco probably grounds into a double play, it was better to have Perez up there to strike out and then have Reyes up with the bases loaded and 2 outs. It didn't work out thats not Willie's fault.

The only thing I could point out on one person was Moises Alou after he doubled with 0 outs there was a fly ball hit deep to right field? Moises Alou doesn't tag, next batter hit to deep right field he doesn't tag up again. It was bad base running and Moises should of tried to tag up manufacture a run. That could of tied the game right there.

Carlos Delgado just looks lost at the plate, he looks worse then David Wright up there because Delgado unlike Wright isn't working the counts and getting walks Delgado is just going up there hacking, and we all know he's in a slump like last year and we are all just waiting for him to breakout, but I have a question for you. Delgado is getting up there in age whats the age when Delgado doesn't break out of the slump? when is the year when Delgado goes on a heavy decline?

These are extremely bad losses and I've said it once and I'll say it again this division will come down to who has the better record against the Nationals. The Mets have already lost 2 series against the Braves, they should be able to sweep the Nationals every time out. Now I'm not going to lie that umpire had a huge strike zone on the National side and it seemed any pitch within 12 inches for a National pitcher was a strike. But that is still no excuse why the Mets can't beat the Nationals.

I'm not going to be able to do the ATL today so here's the standings in the NL EAST.

Atlanta 14 8 .636 -
NY Mets 13 8 .619 0.5
Florida 10 12 .455 4.0
Philadelphia 10 12 .455 4.0
Washington 8 15 .348 6.5

Bad news for Milledge (from

"Omar Minaya
told reporters after last night's game that Lasting Milledge will be out four to six weeks with sprained ligaments in his right foot."

It was a bad game for the Mets but at least the Mets are getting good starting pitching and good bullpen work. The bullpen isn't over worked and sooner or later Wright will find his stroke (Good power to RF last night for a double) and the Mets will go on a streak. It's much better to be a Mets fan right now then a Yankee fan as the Yankees have lost 7 straight games, and word is if the Yankees get swept by the Red-Sox Joe Toree could be fired.

I'm always questioning Willie but Joe is a horrible manager he can't manage a pen for his life. And because of the bad starting the Yankees have gotten lately the bullpen is not going to be able to rebound until the all-star break. Yes the all-star break 1-2 days off isn't going to do it for this pen they need a good 3-5 days off and unless the Yankees get some rainouts before an off-day they are in a lot of trouble. The Yankees could higher Joe Giradi former Marlins manager if Joe is fired.


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